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A note from Tiny Q:
Well, this is where all the stuff that I have collected over the years goes. So there is no art or fan fiction in this little area, but that does not mean it is not entertaining! In fact, thatís the whole idea: to have this odd little section where I can do whatever I want. Hey! Itís my site! So there. Anyhoo, if you have any suggestions as to what I should add, or have something you would like to see up here, then by all means e-mail me and give me a shout. :D

Fun Finds:
In here you will find an assortment of funny, or simply interesting, Harry Potter items. Ranging from merchandizing to advertisements. And of course, thereís an odd explanation as to how it was found...

Lallie and Tiny Q Rant:
This is where you will find various rants by both myself and the wondrous Lallie. We have a lot of issues you see, and this is the best way to get rid of them... or get more of them...

Old Banners:
Well, the title really gives the whole idea away. This is where you will find all my old banners from when the site was younger and, well, stupider.

Old Polls:
This is where you will find the results to my old polls. Itís rather interesting to see peopleís opinions on things. So go check it out!

Ok. So thereís only one quiz in here and it makes little sense, but thatís ok. Itís sort of fun and hopefully there will be others to come soon!

Sticky Wars:
Gin Chan and I have this odd type of war where we use permanent markers and yellow sticky paper and hold drawing wars. And they can get pretty vicious I am telling you. Here you can see the results of the old wars and see the current ones in progress. :D

Tiny Qís Stick World:
This is a world ruled by my alter ego (well one of them anyways), Stick Nic. Sheís a very bitter person and likes to criticize things to no end. This is her little corner of my site. Hey! If I didnít put one up for her she would insult my art even more than she does already!